First, open the browser and search XAMPP download.

Then choose Windows or Linux-based category then click download.

After the installation, the software opens XAMPP.

Now press the “Start” options of Apache and MySQL. You will find a folder in the xampp folder named ‘htdocs’ create a folder of your desired address- like- WordPress. Download WordPress from the browser and extract the files and copy-paste to the folder.
Now go to the browser and browse localhost/phpmyadmin and need to create a database. Click Database TAB and write your database name as you make a folder named “WordPress”. Then choose Create.

Then go to New Tab from the browser and browse: localhost/WordPress

Step1: Choose language
Step 2: Insert your database name, and username after that keep it as usual, and click on ‘Submit’.

Now you can log in to your site and customize your works or site.
If you don’t understand then watch this video. Hopefully, it will be clear.